Ultimate Car Driving: Classics


Drive freely around a city full of challenges


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Ultimate Car Driving: Classics is an open world driving game that's a lot like Burnout: Paradise. Here, you get to drive freely around a city with traffic and challenges galore. When you see a challenge that interests you, you just have to go ahead and compete in it.

The controls in Ultimate Car Driving: Classics are completely customizable. From the options menu, you can choose between three different types of controls, letting you choose between using a virtual steering wheel, directional buttons, or the device's accelerometer. Likewise, the game lets you choose between two different cameras: interior and exterior.

In Ultimate Car Driving: Classics, you can drive anywhere around the city that you want. When you see an event, you just have to drive up and accept it. This way, you can participate in races or skill challenges. Some of these skill challenges will require you to dodge some really outlandish obstacles.

Ultimate Car Driving: Classics is an excellent 3D driving game that offers tons of different events and challenges. Plus, although you only have one vehicle in your garage to start, as you earn money, you can buy many more vehicles.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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